Over 100 Slang Words for Penis

Slang Words for PenisesWedding Tackle, Twig and Berries, Knob, Pole, Skin Flute, Fire Hose, Bone or Boner.

Generic Terms for it

  • Dick
  • Cock
  • Wiener
  • Pecker
  • Boner
  • Hard on
  • Thing
  • Piece
  • Member
  • Tool
  • Package
  • Unit
  • Shaft
  • It

Get a funny book on the Penis for your coffee table! Penis Pokey

Lesser-Known Penis Slang (perhaps British slang)

  • Doinker
  • Prick
  • Cack
  • Choad
  • Chub
  • Pud
  • Schlong
  • Wankie

How about the book Tickle His Pickle on pleasing a penis. a great stocking stuffer!

Penis Slang that could Pass for an Asian Name

  • Dong
  • Wang
  • Ding a ling
  • Ding dong
  • Long dong

Give your ex the Guide for a Bigger Penis in front of his new partner

phallic shaped foodMeat Popsicle, Sausage, Corn Dog, Stinky Pickle, Banana, Bologna Pony, Teeny Weenie.

Phallic Shaped Food

  • 100% all-beef thermometer
  • Kielbasa
  • Bratwurst
  • Meat Popsicle
  • Big Italian salami
  • Meat thermometer
  • Bologna pony
  • Salami
  • Sausage
  • Tube steak
  • Weenie
  • Pork sword
  • Noodle
  • Banana
  • Stinky pickle
  • Corn dog

Penis 101 – Required Reading: History of the Penis

Magic Penis

  • Magic wand
  • Staff
  • Divine Rod
  • Magic mushroom tip

Penis Love

  • Love muscle
  • Love shaft
  • Love stick
  • Baby maker

How to Live with a Huge Penis. Seriously, there is a book on this! Thank God!! lol

Slang Words for PenisDing Dong, Pencil Dick, Third Leg, Ding Dong, Baby Arm, Cock, Mushroom Tip, Love Muscle, Heat Seeking Love Missile, Beef Bayonet, Needle Dick.

Body Parts to Describe Your Part

  • Main vein
  • Middle leg
  • Third leg
  • Baby arm

Sucks to be You (on the receiving end)

  • Tonsil tickler
  • Anal impaler
  • Cornholer

A great gift for Mothers Day Guide to Fisting, Fingering & Hand Jobs

Not so Proper Fucked

  • Heat-seeking love missile
  • Beef bayonet

Tools that Go to Town

  • Power drill
  • Jack hammer

Sports Equipment to Play with

  • Wedding tackle
  • Bat
  • Club
  • Rod
  • Pole

An E-book I Have a Small Penis Tales, probably so no one can see it sitting on your bookshelf

Phallic Shaped Hardware

  • Knob

Playing with Your ToyJack-in-the-Box, Little Solider, Tally Whacker, Joy Stick

Playing with Your Toy

  • Joystick
  • Jack-in-the-box
  • Little solider
  • Tally Whacker

This One is for the Groupies

  • Skin flute
  • Male organ

It’s all about the D

  • D-train
  • The D

Now this is more like it! Sexual Urban Legends: Penis Captivus, Vagina Dentata, Soggy Biscuit, Gerbilling, Mars Bar Party, Sex Parties & Rainbow Parties

Penises with Character

  • Mr. Happy
  • Bald-Headed Yogurt Slinger
  • Big Dick and the Twins
  • Long Dong Silver
  • Jimmy
  • Johnson
  • Little Chubby
  • Captain Winky
  • One Eyed Willy
  • Ole One Eye
  • One Eyed Monster
  • Purple-Headed Soldier
  • Purple Headed Warrior
  • Peter
  • Harry Johnson

Penises with CharacterCaptain Winky, Mr. Happy, Purple Headed Warrior, Little Chubby, One Eyed Monster

You’re an Animal — in Bed

  • Alabama black snake
  • Anaconda
  • One eyed snake
  • One eyed trouser snake
  • Hog
  • The Salamander
  • Purple headed cobra
  • Electric eel
  • Worm

I didn’t know you could give yourself a nickname? Guess your penis is the exception: The Penis Name Book: A Guide to Naming Man’s Best Friend

Big Penis Slang Words

  • Giant Redwood
  • Horse cock
  • Hung

Small Penis Slang Words

  • Pencil dick
  • Needle dick
  • Lincoln Log
  • Tootsie Roll
  • Tiny Tim
  • Twig and berries
  • Teeny weenie

and one more one eyed trouser snake

If you like sexual innuendoes, try a spoof how-to How to Lay Pipe.

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51 Responses to “Over 100 Slang Words for Penis”

  1. ashley rivera Says:

    this was interesting

  2. Britt Says:

    Purple-headed Yogurt Slinger. :)

  3. Maysaa Says:

    Stroker Happy Stick!

  4. Renee Says:

    things that make you go hhmmmm

  5. Artem Says:

    You forgot Flesh Trombone ;P

  6. FDatHoe Says:

    This helped me a lot with my kinky story for my slut<3

  7. Mooooo Says:

    Things that make Renee go mmmmmmmm

  8. That Guy Says:

    You forgot “gigglestick”.

  9. MAk Says:


  10. Mario Says:

    Today, I went to the doctor’s office. People kept staring at me and I couldn’t figure out why. Later, I realized my sister’s puppies had chewed a noticeable hole in my pants’ crotch. FML

  11. joe Says:


  12. NatNat Says:

    Gentleman’s Sausage

  13. JonhO Says:

    junk mail. i heard it on the regular show

  14. Ed defeo Says:

    Meat whistle

  15. tongue tied tim Says:

    Ahh, I can’t believe I forgot that one!

  16. Mister P Says:

    The weapon of ass destruction

  17. Lula Says:

    there’s also 2 lovely Scottish slang words that should appear: Dobber and Wanger! These have to be my favourites!

  18. Kathie Says:


  19. rubberducky Says:

    f**k stick
    rubberducky´s last blog post ..I Hate You Too

  20. carlo giova Says:

    it really made me laugh…

    the third leg … also ???

  21. juan Says:

    shake weight

  22. Juggalo1897 Says:

    what’s a Juggalo slang for penis.?

  23. Angel Says:

    Mr. Softy

  24. vrh Says:

    “hard-on and boner” are a little bit misleading as generic terms for penis, as both of those terms refer to the erect penis. Salami cutting I know, but I wanted to point that out.

  25. Billy Watkins Says:

    Ive never heard the term tiny Tim ive heard Cock and dick and penis and Johnson and all the other’s most of them not all of them thats funny tho.

  26. Jamie Says:

    Tiffy (from the 1950s)

  27. perkyjerk Says:

    Dont forget..ramrod..hammer slamer..Petey Pablo n da twiws.. Chubby.. slugger Louie vill sluger..frank and the beans.. Chorizo.. Foot long ..tube steak wraped in underwear…Jimmy Johnsen.. the dirty wise man..sixshooter..12 guage cum pump.. Dirty harry…

  28. perkyjerk Says:

    Rubber neck..nibles and the boys..mickey dicky..octo boogie..gold member..

  29. James Says:

    What about ‘chopper’ lol

  30. Aaron Says:

    Aaron’s Rod!!!!!

  31. killer Says:

    Pogostick and strawberry or chocolate Lollipop

  32. andy Says:

    rock hard storm trooper with a purple helmet!

  33. Nolan Says:

    Bolonga pony

  34. michael Says:

    They forgot beef bazooka, aids grenade, tall morning wood, one eyed warrior, slim jim, excetra excetera excetera…..

  35. Mike Fite Says:

    whattya think of hammer jammer, box filler, box stuffer, my love stuff, love tool, my chubby buddy, tunnel digger, hole digger, hole filler, love instrument, love club, meat pickle, beef pickle, meat stick, my machine, fun machine, rod & tackle or pole & tackle, hole-pole, cycloptic snake, my swinging hammer, wood/wooden whistle, Sir-gets-alot-that-spits-alot, & finally, tunnel loving train. Made these up mostly from getting ideas as I read this list, which is awesome btw. (as far as I know, no one’s ever said these… or at least I don’t recall ever hearing anyone use these)

  36. Ryan Says:

    One-Eyed Trouser Snake.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    OMG my best friends last name is kielbasa! And it’s a slang word for this! Hahahahahaha

  38. Mike Says:

    Cream filled meat sickle

  39. kaidyn Says:

    u forgiit my favorite nut cannon

  40. Thomaspercy Says:

    Flesh flute
    Satans clarinet
    Squishy guitar

  41. Tim Says:

    The Mayflower, on account of all the puritans who’ve come on it.

  42. dave Says:

    Trouser trout

  43. nick Says:

    Always called mine. Sam the yellow horse.

  44. Accalia Says:

    White slim-jim and two cherries

  45. Roadmaster1968 Says:

    One-eyed Wonder Worm (courtesy George Carlin)

  46. jeff Says:

    lets not forget ….. dinker fot from the south

  47. Angie Says:

    how about pussy pleaser?

  48. Tits McGee Says:

    Twat Tickler, Clit Cuddler, Cum Fountain

  49. James Says:

    How about “Nooker”?

  50. Amber Says:

    Purple headed yogurt slinger..Lmao

  51. cris Says:

    Tromboner should be under “This One is for the Groupies”.

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  • cris: Tromboner should be under "This One is for the Groupies"....
  • Amber: Purple headed yogurt slinger..Lmao...
  • James: How about "Nooker"?...
  • Tits McGee: Twat Tickler, Clit Cuddler, Cum Fountain...
  • Angie: how about pussy pleaser?...
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